About Me

Hi! I'm Trisha. 

I'm a happy wife, and soon-to-be human mama! (I'm already a proud fur mama to two handsome boys!) 

I am an adventurous explorer and love being in nature! In my moments of free time, I'm usually found at the beach, on a hike with my family and dogs, or jetting off to a new location!

I am an experienced portrait photographer (engagement, beach family, children/graduates, small wedding) living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I also am an adventurous travel photographer with a passion for exploring cultures and unique photography from all areas of the world. 

I love meeting new people, and exploring new places, so send me a message so I can get to know you better! 


What is Boutique Photography?

Boutique Style Photography

This year, I transitioned my business to a full service boutique photography model!  This is very exciting for me as it is my aim to provide a custom and personalized experience for every single client.  It has always been my goal to create beautiful memories for my clients to enjoy every single day.  A photoshoot is a great starting point, but many people don't do anything with their images afterwards.  After a day of fame on Facebook or Instagram, the photos are buried somewhere on our phones or forgotten on a USB in a drawer.  

Trust me, I get it.  Printing high quality images, framing them, and putting them up on the wall is a time consuming project and our busy lives get in the way all too often.  It's my job to take that stress and worry and use my skills to create customized wall art, signature books and portraits for you to be able to easily hang in your homes.  Afterall, I am a licensed photographer with access to professional printing labs and everything I need.

A photo session is an investment in your family and it is my goal that your memories are displayed in your home-for you, your family, and everyone to enjoy.  Have your house tell a story made from beautiful family memories and artwork that actually means something to you.  You will walk by every day, some days you may pause and smile, and go right back to that moment in time.  


The Boutique Experience 

Boutique Model

In order to capture family portraits that you will love, it is important to me to learn as much as I can about you, your style, personality and likes/dislikes.

We will speak on the phone or meet in person to get to know each other and find out if Trisha McQuade Photography is the right fit for your photoshoot.  We will create your ideal session before it even starts. Whether you like candid images or posed portraits, and I will be certain to capture exactly what you want on your walls. We will select a location and outfits that fit your lifestyle and decor.  

My goals is for you to be excited about your session and enjoy the time you will spend during your photoshoot because the best thing about memories is creating them!


Easy 4 Step Custom Process

Boutique Process

Your Consultation:  To help you walk confident into your session, we will speak a few weeks before and talk about your style, wardrobe, location and what you envision for your session. 


Your Session: It is time for your session and for me to capture the joy, connection, and love of your family.  We will have a fun and relaxed time.  The best thing about memories is making them!

After your session:  Now it's time for me to narrow down the images we have shot during the session.  The best of the best will make it into our picture reveal and ordering appointment (1-2 weeks after the session).  We will meet in person or via Zoom for my tourist clients and I will help you choose the perfect images for your wall.  

Delivery of Art:  It's delivery day!  2-4 weeks after your ordering appointment, wall will be delivered to your doorstep!